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Meetings And events

August 21

2nd Annual BCD Picnic

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Coldwater Township Hall Pavilion, 319 Sprague Rd.

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August 21

2nd Annual BCD Picnic

Come picnic with us.

Free to attend, rain or shine. 

Catered by Dickey's Barbecue Pit

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Coldwater Township Hall Pavilion, 319 Sprague Rd.

September 18

General BCD Meeting

7pm - 10pm

Coldwater Township Office, 319 Sprague Rd.

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September 18

General BCD Meeting

CHAIRPERSON - David McMillan


SECRETARY - Nancy Krajny


Involved – Informed – Influential – Innovative

P.O. Box 314, Coldwater, MI 49036

General Meeting Agenda

September 18, 2019

  1. Pledge of Allegiance – Dave McMillan
  2. Organizational Change
  3. Approval of July Meeting Minutes 
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Committee Updates:
    1. Membership – McMillan / Nasser
    2. Fundraising – Anita 
      1. Levin Dinner / Ticket sales
    3. Candidate – Dave McMillan - david@dhmcmillan.com 
      1. Fair “Straw Poll”
      2. Fair Survey of Issues
    4. Public Relations – Dave McMillan
      1. WTVB, Ken Delaney
      2. Chamber events – October 28 “chamber chat”
      3. Volunteer sign-up for Levin Dinner
    5. Program – Dave McMillan
      1. October – (to be named)
  6. Calendar review/update – Anita Hoyt
    1. Apple Fest – September 21
    2. Highway Clean up – September 28 (Rain date: 9/29)
    3. Levin Dinner – October 9
  7. 7th Congressional District coordination – Andy Schirk

  8. PROGRAM: “Candidate Night!”.  Group discussion:
    1. 7th CD U.S. House of Representatives:  Mr. Chris Smith
    2. City of Coldwater Counsel Ward 1:  Ms. Emily Rissman
  9. Questions, comments, additional issues – ALL
  10. Adjourn

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7pm - 10pm

Coldwater Township Office, 319 Sprague Rd.

October 9

Levin Dinner

5:30 pm -

Bill's Steakhouse

+ Event Details

October 9

Levin Dinner

 TICKETS ON SALE NOW FOR OUR LEVIN DINNER!   We have just 100 tickets available (less many already sold!) for our  October 9th Levin Dinner at Bill's Steakhouse at the Coldwater  Golf Club.  Last year's event was a sell out before the doors open so  be sure to get your tickets early!  They will be available at the Picnic  or by contacting David McMillan at david@dhmcmillan.com

Download a .pdf file of the quilt auction announcement below. 

5:30 pm -

Bill's Steakhouse

News and Upcoming Events



News & Events to Watch for...

So... it's an off-year for elections, it's the middle of summer, not much going on for the Branch County Democrats?  WRONG!!!


Next Wednesday, August 21 at the Coldwater Township pavilion from 5pm till 9pm!
FREE* to all Dems and friends, BBQ catered by Dickey's  (vegetarian option available).  Come and join the fun.  Meet State  Representative Donna Lasinski (District 52, D).  Hear informal remarks  by office holders, candidates, and special guests.  Participate in the  50/50 drawing.  
 * Donations welcome
Also, tickets to our annual Levin Dinner to  be held on October 9 at "Bills Grill" at the Coldwater Golf Course will  be available for sale, $40 per person.  
Straw poll update! We continued  our "straw poll" at our County Fair booth last week.  Following is an  update of results.  The numbers aggregate the responses received from  both the Strawberry Fest as well as the Fair:

We asked four "yes or no" questions regarding local government.  Here they are with the results we received:  

  • Office holders have the best interest of citizens in mind when making decisions:  12 yes; 17 no
  • Office holders seek my opinion when making decisions that impact quality of life:  6 yes;  23 no
  • Office holders' spending priorities generally match my own:  11 yes;  17 no
  • Office holders are transparent in the conduct of official business:   7 yes;   22 no 

TICKETS ON SALE NOW FOR OUR LEVIN DINNER!   We have just 100 tickets available (less many already sold!) for our  October 9th Levin Dinner at Bill's Steakhouse at the Coldwater  Golf Club.  Last year's event was a sell out before the doors open so  be sure to get your tickets early!  They will be available at the Picnic  or by contacting me at david@dhmcmillan.com.  

  • QUILT RAFFLE TICKETS COMING SOON! This year we are conducting for the first time a quilt raffle!   The hand-made quilt by one of Coldwater's own prize-winning quilters  especially for this raffle will be previewed at the Picnic and tickets  will be on sale soon!  Tickets will be $5 each  or 3 for $10.  Check it out - it's a beauty!

Download Branch County Democrats related Documents

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Membership Committee - March-20-2019 handout (pdf)


UAW Financial Request06192019 (pdf)


UAW Financial Request Response. (docx)


Treasurer Report July 17 2019.xlsx (pdf)


Meeting Minutes 7-17-2019 (docx)


Agenda - September 18 2019 (docx)


Quilt announcement (pdf)


Calendar of Events for Branch County Democrat (docx)


Summer Food Service Program for children


In an effort to help combat food insecurity in the summer months, the Michigan Department of Education, Health and Nutrition Services administers the Meet Up and Eat Up Program in counties across Michigan.
Chartwells has been running the program in Coldwater for the past ten years, providing county and non-county children with breakfast and lunch.
Coldwater Community Schools report that the program offers free meals to children 18 years of age and under or persons up to 26 years of age who are enrolled in a mentally or physically disabled educational program recognized by a state or local public educational agency. The meals will be provided regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability, and there will be no discrimination during the meal service.


Lincoln Learning Center - 70 Tibbits St, Coldwater
Breakfast: Monday through Friday, June 4-August 17, 8-8:30 AM (closed July 2-13)
Lunch: Monday through Friday, June 4-August 17, 11:30 AM-12 PM (closed July 2-13)
Heritage Park (Splash Pad Pavillion) - 1776 Heritage Dr, Coldwater
Lunch: Monday through Friday, June 4-July 13, 12-12:30 PM (closed July 4)
Legg Middle School - 175 Green St, Coldwater
Breakfast: Monday through Friday, June 4-15, 8-8:30 AM
Lunch: Monday through Friday, June 4-15, 11-11:30 AM
Dearth Community Center (Branch County Fairgrounds) - 262 S Sprague St, Coldwater
Breakfast: Monday through Friday, July 9-13, 9-9:30 AM
Lunch: Monday through Thursday, July 9-12, 12-12:30 PM (no lunch on Friday)
Jefferson Elementary School - 15 Vans Ave, Coldwater
Breakfast: Monday through Thursday, July 30-August 9, 7:30-8 AM (closed Fridays)
Lunch: Monday through Thursday, July 30-August 9, 11:30 AM-12 PM (closed Fridays)
Parkhurst Park Pavillion - 329 Grand St, ColdwaterInclement weather site: 200 N. Fremont St. Coldwater (Bounce houses, Water activities, Games, Contest and more)Lunch: Wednesdays only, July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st. 11am-11:45am


Bronson Summer food program

Bronson Community Schools will once again be sponsoring the district's summer meal service program "Meet Up and Eat Up."Meals will be delivered in Douglas Park at 221 Douglas Street between 11:30 a.m. 11:55 A.m. Monday through Friday starting on June 24 and finishing on August 1, 2019.Lunches will not be served on July 19th during the Bronson Polish Festival.The Bronson Summer Food Service Program offers free meals for children 18 years of age and under or persons up to the age of 26 who are enrolled in an educational program for the mentally or physically disabled that is recognized by a State or local public educational agency.Adults meals are available for $3.50. All meals must be eaten on site.More information is available at www.bronsonschools.org or by calling Food Service Supervisor Barb Yearling at (517)369-3349. 

Need Assistance?: Links To Local Resources Available

What And Who Are The Branch County Democrats


Branch County Democrats are affiliated with the Michigan Democratic Party and includes citizens of Branch County who generally subscribe to and support the Michigan Democratic Party Platform.

Our local organization

Our officers for the 2019 - 2020 term are:

  • Chairperson - David McMillan - Email david@dhmcmillan.com
  • Vice-Chair - Antar Nasser
  • Treasurer - Anita Hoyt
  • Secretary -  Nancy Krajny 

Committees, committee leaders, and contacts

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Local Precinct Delegates with contact information

Click here to Find out more about Precinct Delegates

Visit The Michigan Democratic Web Site

Click Here to Visit The Michigan Democratic Web Site

The Platform

Serving The Community

  Branch County Democrats  are an entity within the  Michigan Democratic Party, and as such, support and adhere to the Party platform as follows, "The Michigan Democratic Party believes that government must be open, responsive, and accountable to the people it serves.All citizens should have the freedom and the opportunity to rise as high as their talents and initiative will allow. This platform expresses our dedication to the belief that those who work hard should be assured the opportunity to achieve economic security, and that all should be able to live with basic human dignity. This platform embodies our core values of fairness and responsibility, and a commitment to the common good. This platform stands as a promise to the people of Michigan, based on our tradition and commitment to a better future for the people of our state and nation." 

Check Michigan Voter Registration To:

  • View your Sample Ballot for the upcoming election
  • Track the status of your Absentee Ballot 
  • Verify your Voter Registration Information 

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Strategic Planning

          December 2018
2019 – 2020 Strategic Planning


The officers and members of the Branch County Democratic Party will support, nominate and elect a qualified slate of candidates to local, State and Federal offices who share our membership’s ideals of ethical, fair, transparent and inclusive government through the strategies listed below.                                                                                             


1. Identify and support Precinct Delegates in each of the County’s 18 cities and townships;                              

2. Grow the County Party membership by focusing on improving diversity in all areas (cultural, age, race, and gender);                                                                                                                                                        

3. Improve the Democratic Party’s image within Branch County through positive interactions with the community and its Republican majority when such opportunities are consistent with our organizational goal;                    

4. Seek out and support qualified candidates for all local political offices;                                                             

5. Maintain open two-way communications with State Democratic Party as well as State and Federal Democratic office holders;     


6. Raise and manage funds in an appropriate manner in order to support all strategies indorsed and approved by the County Party membership.                                                                                                                       


Committees, Committee Leaders, and Contacts


Each of the following committees encourages the active participation of the Branch County Democrats’ membership! If you find one or more of these areas of interest to you, and want to get involved, contact the Committee Chair listed for information on how to join in. 


The candidate committee organizes and supports Branch County Precinct Delegates to include identifying potential Precinct Delegates, training current and future Precinct Delegates, publicizing upcoming elections and highlighting local offices for which Democratic candidates may be proposed, coordinating candidate and volunteer activities associated with upcoming elections. 


The Public Relations Committee plans the County Party’s interactions with local media (print, radio, TV, etc.) to include preparing press releases, appearing in spots on local radio / TV, coordinating communications with State Party officials, developing and placing advertising as appropriate. 


Develop and implement plans and programs to increase County Party membership with a specific focus on increasing diversity in the areas of race, gender, culture, and age. 


 Oversee the conduct of any and all fund raising activities to include major fund raising events such as our annual picnic and the annual Levin Dinner as well as solicitations for general donations (monthly meeting, 50/50, etc.).  

Branch County Democratic Meeting Location

Branch County Democrats

Coldwater Township Hall, 319 Sprague Rd, Coldwater, MI 49036

(281) 468-8252

Drop us a line!


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David McMillan was honored by the Michigan Democrat Party at the Legacy Dinner for his service.

David McMillan (4th from left) honored by Mich Dem Party


News from the Branch County Democrats - Monday, May 20, 2019

Contact: Anita Hoyt, 269-788-8977; ah6219@hotmail.com

Branch County Dems represented at Michigan Democratic Party “Legacy Dinner”

DETROIT – Coldwater residents representing the Branch County Democrats were in attendance Saturday evening, May 18, for the Michigan Democratic Party’s annual Legacy Dinner. This year the party honored the legacy of the late Congressman John Dingle. The evening included remarks from Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Nessel, Senators Stabenow and Peters as well as several of Michigan’s Democratic Congresspersons. Those in attendance from Coldwater were Ms. Anita Hoyt, Treasurer of the Branch County Dems, David McMillan, Branch County Democratic Chair, and his wife Carol McMillan.

During the evening’s program, several volunteers from the 14 Michigan Congressional Districts were honored for their work and contributions to the Party’s recent successes. For the first time, a Branch County volunteer was singled out for his efforts on behalf of the Party. David McMillan was one of two volunteers from the 7th Congressional District to receive his award from Congressman Andy Levin.

The Branch County Democrats are affiliated with the Michigan Democratic Party and share the objective of supporting and electing high quality candidates who represent the Democratic Party’s principles of fair, inclusive, transparent, and honest government. For more about our organization, go to: www.branchcountydemocrats.com

Precinct Delegates with contact information

Current Precinct Delegates are as follows:

 1. Andy Schirk: Coldwater Township; 294 Shelby Dr.; C-517-736-4817 H-517-278-5855

2. Terry Reen: Girard township; 309 Neibles Landing.; 517-937-2900

3. Jim Bilsborrow: Coldwater City Third Ward; bilsjim@gmail.com; 191 Fairfield Dr.

4. Barb Hapner: Coldwater City Second Ward; bjhap86@cbpu.com

5. Jennifer “Jinx” Wingard: Coldwater City Fourth Ward; jmwingardllc@gmail.com; 63 W. Chicago St.  #306; 301-657-2628

6. Nancy Krajny: Batavia Township; 107 Pond instead of 143; nancykrajny@yahoo.com

7. Barb Burkhardt: Ovid Township; 553 Shady Oaks Drive; barbaraburkhardt@gmail.com; 517-238-5091

 If you are interested in knowing more about Precinct Delegates - read on....


Democratic Precinct Delegate Positions:

(…by city and township with number of positions for each)

Term: 2 year (every even-numbered year)

Duties: It is the active precinct delegate who wins elections for their Party! Democratic Precinct Delegates:

       - Help Democrats get registered to vote.

       - Take information on issues and candidates to the voters in their precinct.

       - Identify other Democrats and recruit new Party members.

       - Help turn out the Democratic vote on Election Day.

       - Keep Democratic leaders informed about the issues that concern voters.

       - Elect Democratic Party leadership at county, congressional district and state levels.

Qualifications: Any adult of voting age who lives within a Precinct and identifies as Democrat may seek the position of Democratic Precinct Delegate for that precinct.







COLDWATER TOWNSHIP (6) – Incumbent: Amaryllis Thomas







QUINCY TOWNSHIP PRECINCT #1 (2) – Incumbent: Sue Ann Fillmore



UNION TOWNSHIP (4) – Incumbent: Bing Johnson



CITY OF COLDWATER WARD 2 (4) – Incumbent(s): Penny Frailey, Barbara Hapner




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